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Hello, everyone.
On Friday my teacher gave out some Halloween party bags. They had candy, and chapstick, and stickers, and a flashlight inside. I already ate all the candy!

When I came home from school on Friday, mommy was already dressed up. We were going to a Halloween costume party, at my school. I was very excited. Mommy helped me put my costume on, and I watched Cartoon Network, for a while.

I looked so cool! Mommy took some pictures of me. Then we had a sword fight. I like sword fighting. Later I got my pistol, from my room, and started shooting mommy with it. Then she stole it from me, and started getting me!

Uncle Dan made pizza for dinner. Grandma came home, while we were eating. My daddy was at work.

After dinner I went to the party. Grandma and mommy came with me. Grandma didn't dress up, though.

When we got there a lady started talking to my mommy and grandma. I've never been in the gym of my school before. I wanted to go to my classroom, but mommy said no, because no one else would be there.

The lady let me pick out a big pumpkin to take home. Grandma was really excited about that.

I went and played with the other kids, but I couldn't find any of my friends. One girl said she knew me, but I didn't know who she was.

I played beanbag toss, and made a paper wreath. I also played in the corn. It's a box filled with corn that all the kids could play with (MOMMY NOTE: That... was so lame. It is so obvious we live in the country). I was going to make a bead necklace for my daddy, but they ran out of string.

I had a cool sword fight with two other pirates that were there. They were both sisters, and they looked the same, and wore the same clothes (MOMMY NOTE: Twins).

I had a lot of fun. When I came home, I put on my dragon costume and ate some candy, before bed.

I like Halloween.

I'm gonna get you!

I look cool.

My sword is cool!

I got the cool scarf. It's on my head.

My mommy is cute. She's daddy's favourite kitty.
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