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Fun Day

Hello everyone!
I had so much fun today! Mommy filled my Easter basket with food and drinks, and we went outside to eat! It was really bright though, and it hurt my eyes. Mommy gave me some sun glasses, though, and that made it better. I had a grilled cheese sandwich and raspberry kool-aid.

After eating I played with my bubble sword, and my Easter egg shaped chalk. Mommy traced me on the sidewalk. I really liked seeing my tracings. I kept asking her to make more! She did one in every colour of chalk.

Mommy later showed me how to play hop scotch. It was kind of hard, but I practiced a lot. I think that one day I'll be really good at it!

After a while Mommy and I went exploring! We went all the way around the yard. We saw lots of stuff. My favorite was when we saw the lady bugs, behind the storage shed. They were so small! Mommy tried to take pictures, but they kept flying away. I thought it was funny.

We went inside, when we were done exploring, and had dinner. It was turkey noodle soup. It was really yummy. But I had a bowl of cereal afterwords, because I was still hungry.

Here are some photos that mommy took of me, while we were outside today.

Ok, I'm going to go watch TV, then go to sleep! Bye bye!
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