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First Day Of Preschool

Today was my very first day of school. I've been wanting to go to school for so long. I was really excited, about it.

My mommy took some photos of me, before I left, this morning. She also let me hold the camera, for a little while, and I took a photo of mommy!

I had a lot of fun at school. I even made some new friends. I can't remember their names yet, though. I got to play with a cool farm toy, at school. I also played with a little house. It was really cool, getting to play with all the other kids.

When I first got to school, they sang the "Hello Song", so that I could get to know everyone. I didn't sing, though. I don't like singing, very much. I love listening to music, though!

For a snack we got to eat peanut butter and crackers. I really liked them. They were so yummy!

I got to finger paint, and colour with crayons, and lots of fun stuff, while I was at school. I had so much fun, that I didn't really want to come home. I was a little sad when we got back to my house, and I saw my mommy waiting for me, in the driveway. I cried a little. Mommy says I can go back to school tommorrow, though.
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