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Early Birthday

My birthday is on the 9th. I'll be five years old! That means I'm a big boy. I can go to school soon.

Grandpa said that we should celibrate my birthday today, instead of later, though. Because he wanted to watch me open the presents. So mommy made me a big birthday cake, and daddy made me two smaller cakes. I had so much cake!

Grandpa ordered pizza, and we ate a whole bunch. Then daddy lit the birthday candles and I blew them out. Everyone started singing happy birthday to me, and I got so happy, I kept laughing. It was so much fun.

I ate so much pizza that I couldn't finish all my cake and icecream. My mommy had so much pizza, she couldn't even eat any!

After everyone finished eating, I got to open my presents. I go so many! I got a kollosal(sp?) robot (Cubix), and some clothes. I also got a Dora the explorer birthday set, and a coloring book, and a bottle of scooby doo bubble bath, and pacman world 2 for the playstation2. And I got this big remote controlled robot toy. It walks around and says stuff, and it has these lights on it, and looks like it fires lazors. I played with it for a long time. I made it beat up the kollosal(sp?) toy, and I chased grandma around with it. Then I went in mommy's room and played pacman world 2.

Here are some pictures mommy took of my birthday party!

This is the cake my mommy made. It has bugs bunny and a lady bug on it. And it says "We Love U". (MOMMY COMMENT: Dave used all the "y" lettes so I had to just use the letter "U" x.x; )

This is one of the cakes my daddy made. It has bugs all over it.

This is the other cake my daddy made. It says "Happy Birthday Thomas! 5 Super".

Here's all the cakes!

This was when they lit the birthday cake.

The cake was delicious!

I have a messy face!

This is my grandma, sitting behind some of my presents.

This is my uncle Dan. He's very tired.

Here's my Kollosal(sp?) robot toy!

This is when I opened my Dora the explorer toy. She's so cool.

There are my clothes and my bubble bath. There were in a big box from my grandma and grandpa.

Opening presents is so fun!

This is my OZZI remote controlled robot, that uncle Dan got for me. I didn't think it was as cool at first.

Mommy, daddy and me played with my Dora toys and my cubix toy, for a while. While uncle Dan put the batteries in the OZZI robot.

Here's uncle Dan making sure it works. After he showed me what it did, I thought it was so much fun! It;s a crazy robot. I made it fight my other toys.

I'm tired now. I'm going to sleep. Sweet dreams!
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