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Happy Easter

Today is Easter Day!
I had so much fun today. First I got up, and talked to my grandma and grandpa for a while. Then mommy gave me a bath, and got me dressed, and I had coffee cake for breakfast.

After breakfast my mommy brought me my Easter basket. There were so many toys! My favorite thing was the kitkat, though. I love kitkats.

Next, mommy hid some plastic eggs for me to search for. I found all of them! They had Pokemon and Scooby Doo stickers inside!

I played with my toys for a long time, after that. I had 2 colouring books, markers, crayons, a bubble sword, a tool belt and tools, the plastic eggs, a toy car, and lots, and lots of candy! Oh, and I also got this cool crayon, that was filled with candy. I didn't like the candy so much, but the big crayon was really cool.

I wanted to have a picnic outside, but mommy and grandma said it was too cold out. It rained all night, last night. Mommy says we can go out for a picnic, when the weather gets better. I can't wait!

Here are some pictures mommy took of me, today!

I had a fun day. I can't wait till next Easter!
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