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Pizza Fun

I'm sorry I haven't updated in such a long time. I've been having fun, though. I've been busy playing video games and watching Noggin.

Noggin is my new favorite channel! It has Blues Clues and Mazzy Mouse. I love all the shows.

On Thursday my mommy's friend came over and we all went to a pizza place in Savanna. It was fun. There was a girl there that showed me how to play "Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwhiches". It's a card game where you draw cards with different ingredients on them and try to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich, before an ant or a fly eats part of it.

My mom's friend took lots of photos. Here are some of them.

On Friday night, I slept in my own room. I don't like sleeping in my room. I wanted to sleep in my mommy's room, but she said I was being too naughty to sleep in her room that night, and that I was going to have to sleep in my own room. Last night I slept in mommy's room though.

I'm going to go watch TV now. Bye bye!
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