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I'm Sorry

I haven't felt like writing in my journal, the past few days. I was too busy jumping around, and having fun!

My mommy made me an account on the cartoon network site, and I've started collecting cToons! It's kinda fun, I just wish they were as fun as real toys. I think that my favorite part of the cartoon network site, is still the video games, though.

It's been snowing so much, lately! I like looking out the window, and watching the flakes fall from the sky.

Today my mommy was babysitting Christian again. After uncle Dan and Sharon came home, and took him downstairs, I had dinner, then went downstairs to play with Christian. He has really cool toys. He likes playing with my toys, and I play with his. I'm learning to share. Sometimes it's hard though, because he'll be playing with something of mine, and I'll suddenly want to play with it, and try to take it, but mommy says that I should let him have it for a while. She says that since it's my toy, I can play with it, whenever I want, and it's nice to give other people a chance to play with it sometimes.

I played some new games on my computer, that my mommy installed for me. They were fun. I also listened to the Sailor Moon Lunar Rock CD. I like listening to music. I just wish that I didn't have to do it through the headset that mommy gave me for my computer. Sometimes I want to listen to my music when I'm further away from the computer, but the headset wont reach. It's really frustrating.

I have been having fun lately. I'd like to go outside though. It's so cold though, and I don't have any snow boots. Sneakers get soggy and wet in the snow. I don't like that, cause it makes my feet cold, and my socks get all wet too, yuck!

Mommy says that she's going to buy me some new PJs, because mine are getting too small for me. I'm glad. I can't wait to see what my new jammies look like! I hope they look really cool.

I'll have to go to sleep soon. I'm going to go play for a while though. Bye bye!
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